Retrofitting VORFELD_INN

Our principle idea is to reinforce the existing connection from the ‘2008 Landesgartenschau’, the ‘Green Bridge’, by connecting the existing pedestrian and cycling links from the city to the centre of our new high density quarter.

This connection runs from the cathedral, through Neu-Ulm, the city fortification (Glacis-Anlagen), into our quarter and further down to lake ‘Baggersee Ludwigsfeld’.

Urban Density is essential to provide lively and charming public realm areas and commercially viable local businesses, restaurants and cafés. It is necessary to ensure that local residents see their environments being enhanced and access to civic amenities improved as a result of the new development.  As such we propose to maintain a majority of the existing residential buildings in the short term. These buildings will be enhanced with extensions to provide a better relationship with the new streets.  Densification will occur by forming appropriately scaled courtyards (Wohnhöfe) surrounded by offices, workshops, creative industry and residential buildings of different types : building groups (Baugruppe), residential flats, town houses and the existing residential flats. The courtyard spaces will be provided with play areas and a mixture of public and private gardens.

Urban Generator

To increase the desirability of the quarter it is necessary to provide connectivity to the city to the north and to the development and recreational areas to the south. It is natural that the pedestrian and cycling link becomes the centre of energy for the scheme. Our proposal is to provide an Urban Generator along this axis. The Generator takes the form of a simple linear structure that provides spaces for local markets, artist workshops, cafes and eventually restaurants, bars and areas for local festivals such as open air cinema and the arts. The areas surrounding the structure will be landscaped with parks, playgrounds and public realm areas.

To avoid dividing the quarter the spaces are open to both the east and west allowing  cafes to have terraces facing either direction. The roof spaces could be developed as an extension to the park, displaying urban art and providing a raised platform for concerts.

It is important to ensure that the spaces are leased from the outset, and as the surrounds are densified and diversified, the function of the spaces can adapt so that the generator remains the centre of the community.